Almost everybody today has heard or even tried of Herbalife and its products. It is today famous for its products that help you live healthier lifestyle and to look better. But Herbalife isn’t a new company, it has a long tradition and it was founded by an enthusiastic and perspective young Mark Hughes in 1980 in Los Angeles. Herbalife is a company that was founded in order to improve eating habits and encouraging awareness and concern about their health and appearance. In 2002 Herbalife company was bought by a group of investors and in 2003 the company named a Michael O. Johnson as a General Director. Before becoming a General Director of herbalife, Johnson was in the Walt Disney Corporation for as much as seventeen years and even then he before leaving was proven to be a leader and a successful manage. In Herbalife Johnson has achieved significant success in business development, global business and leadership in sales, marketing and product innovation. Herbalife Company has shares that are included in the traffic of New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HLF. Herbalife’s products are so popular that the Herbalife Company has reached a record sale of 3.5 billion dollars in the year of 2008. Herbalife today has become a multinational company with operations in over sixty countries and over 60 million people use Herbalife products every day. Herbalife is a global company that directly sells nutritional products. Herbalife’s product are various and they include, for example, Herbalife protein drinks, Herbalife protein snacks, Herbalife supplements, herbalife energy supplements and other sports nutrition and personal care products. The global mission of Herbalife Company is to try to chane people's lives' by selling Herbalife products through a network of 1.8 million independent. For those who want to become a distributor Herbalife company offers a great business opportunity. In these days, when we live in a time of big existential challenges and various nutritional needs, Herbalife can help everyone in a simple, healthy and fun way. For more than three decades Herbalife was becoming a leader in the field of nutrition and the knowledge of weight control. Thanks to the exceptional Herbalife products lots of people reach their goals to look and feel better. At the same time, thanks to the incredible business opportunity, Herbalife is every day joined by more and more people that are joining the Herbalife business network.

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